Full electronic product development

CC Embed also offers full electronics product development. We are two engineers in our staff, that  have expertise in PCB design and firmware for production.
Our team has developed several products for our clients. See examples below.

If you have a project you want to come to life, feel free to contact us. We work both on an hourly rate and/or royalties.


Device for occlusion training

  • For the Danish company Occlude, we developed their new electronic product for measuring the required pressure during BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) exercise, and helping their users reach the desired pressure in an intuitive and practical way.
  • 320×240 TFT Touchscreen. Rechargable Lithium battery.
  • All development has been done in-house.
  • Check out https://www.Occlude.dk

Sports sensor

CC Embed has constructed a fitness tracker hardware platform that currently has been used for 3 purposes:
– ShotCounter tracking shooting percentages in basketball practice using gestures
– ShoulderLogger A project in collaboration with Sebastian Skejø [link] (PhD student at Aarhus University) for detecting shoulder load during throwing sports to allow better load-managment by physiotherapists.
– LiftTracker A device used for “velocity based training”, which can help both elite athletes & patients in rehab by indicating optimal training load during resistance exercise.

IOT sensor for wood moisture

Woodsense (formerly BeResourceful) (09/2019 -> 04/2020)
(Develops IOT sensors for buildings to monitor and prevent structural damages)

  • Developed their first IOT product for monitoring moisture in wooden structures for the construction industry.
  • 10+ years battery life (coin-cell type)
  • 400m+ wireless range (LoRa)
  • https://www.woodsense.dk/

Sound greeting card

Unmute (Startup that produces sound greeting cards)

  • Developed custom PCB solution, sourcing components from China, reaching a production price of $2.3.
  • Uses lithium battery, mp3 decoder chip and 2MB flash storage. New .mp3 files can be uploaded via USB. No firmware needed, as mp3 decoder does all the required digital work.