Embedded software freelancing by Claes C. Jakobsen

Claes is the founder of CC Embed and is a full-time freelancer in embedded software. Here you can read about his skills and see if he’s suits your next project.

Claes specializes in embedded software, mainly for ARM-based microcontrollers.
He has a background in health & exercise technology but applies his skills in other areas as well.
With his interdisciplinary knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Claes helps companies develop innovative technology.


Languages and frameworks:
C and C++, Android SDK (+Wear OS), ROS, Git, (a little Python)

Embedded skills:
Bare-metal, FreeRTOS,  DMA, Digital Signal Processing, emWin, resistive touchscreens, Gyroscopes, accelerometers & sensorfusion, TOF, BLDC & step motors, US.

Communication protocols:
I2C, SPI, UART, USB OTG, Modbus, LoRa, BT Classic, BLE, RS232, RS485, CAN

All STM32 F & L -series.
AVR ATmega series

Programs & IDE’s:
Eclipse, STM32CubeIDE, Matlab, QtCreator, Visual Studio Code, Arduino IDE, Solidwork, Arduino IDE

OS experience:
Ubuntu, Windows, Embedded Linux

Android SDK (Kotlin+Java), Flutter, Firebase, noSQL


MSc. engineering | Health & Welfare Technology (2012-17) (University of Southern Denmark)
Examples of courses:

  • Statistical Machine Learning + Artificial Neural Networks
  • Human-robotic Interaction
  • Medical Devices & Imaging’
  • Biostatistics
  • Control theory & signal processing
  • Project management
  • Psychology & User Interaction Theory
  • Work & Exercise Physiology

Languages spoken:

Danish (5/5)
English (5/5)
German (2/5)

Work experience:


CC Embed – founder & CEO (05/2019 -> ongoing)

Tools used: STM32, FreeRTOS, DMA, TFT/touchscreen drivers, Matlab, IMU’s, SolidWorks, BLE, LoRa, Git

University research assistant (08/2017 -> 02/2020)

  • Daily leader of rehab programme with close patient contact
  • Co-create innovative ROS-based exercise technology platform, for control of equipment and logging of biosensors, video etc.
  • Other work: Blood flow restriction training, velocity loss for resistance training, ROS enabled fitness monitoring.

Tools used: ROS, Arduino, STM32, control theory, Brushless DC motor control, C++, Qt, Matlab, Gitlab

Freelance experience:

Biovice Systems (sep. 2020 -> ongoing)
  Develop the world’s fastest PCR machine; reducing a Covid-19 test from 4h->10min.
What I did: Develop firmware for their prototype from scratch. 4 different MCU’s interconnected, with servo motors, valves and sensors.
Tools used: STM32, pneumatics, Modbus, UART, SPI, Git, Jira

Grundfos (03/2020 -> 08/2020)
Assignment: Develop new sensor product in collaboration with senior freelancer. Project was stopped before launch
What I did: Convert Matlab code to C firmware. Firmware development.
Tools used: STM32, Modbus, FreeRTOS, DMA, Matlab, USB OTG, CMSIS DSP library, FIR&IIR filters, UART, SPI, Git

Kubo Robotics (02/2020 -> 05/2020)
Reduced movement accuracy of robot, when driving around.
What I did: Reduce robot error by 900% in under a week, by re-calibrating gyro and implementing accelerometer sensor fusion. Two other embedded freelancers failed to do so before me.
Tools used: Sensorfusion, STM32, Git

Unicontrol (09/2019 -> 10/2019)
Assignment: Improve excisting excavator guidance system in a fast-paced startup.

Tools used: Embedded Linux, C++, IMU’s, IMU calibration, Sensorfusion, forward kinematics, Git

Particle3D (09/2018 -> 04/2019) (3D-prints human bones for implants)
  Convert a traditional 3D printer into using air pressure instead of stepper motors, to extrude liquid bone filament.
What I did: Designed simple PCB and software to control a pump/valve system, with buttons and LCD display for online pressure adjustment.
Tools used: Eagle, Arduino, 24V pump/valves, OLED display, UART, SPI, I2C

Online courses completed (paid & with certificate)


  • Microcontroller Embedded C Programming: absolute beginners
  • Mastering MCU’s: with Embedded Driver Development
  • Mastering RTOS: Hands-on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx
  • ARM Cortex M MCU DMA Programming Demystified
  • STM32Fx Microcontroller Custom Bootloader Development
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up

Personal life:

Facts: 31 years old. Grew up in Aarup, DK. Lived in Odense, DK for 11 years.

Interests: Basketball, weight training, listening to audiobooks.
I have a passion for exercise technology,  health technology and in general tech that helps people.